Whether your home is a masterpiece of modernist understatement or a treasure-trove of quirky antique treasures, it’s absolutely vital to find the right lighting for your décor.

Choosing a modern or vintage chandelier to suit your style

While some favour lighting as an ambient backdrop, others prefer a contemporary statement light or a vintage chandelier; the good news is that Timothy Oulton’s extensive designer lighting range means that whatever your taste, we have stylish lighting to highlight your pad to perfection. Here are just a few of our favourite styles.


Vintage Vamp: Gyro Crystal

Are you something of a traditionalist by nature? Picture a chandelier in your mind’s eye, and there’s a very good chance you’ll imagine something quite like Gyro Crystal’s captivating centrepiece. Comprising precision-cut crystals that refract the light, casting captivating patterns around the room, Gyro Crystal sounds like the archetypal chandelier.

However, in true Timothy Oulton style, Gyro’s real charm comes from its quirky personality. Encasing the light’s delicate feminine core within aged metal spheres, we have created a beautiful, practical tribute to nineteenth century scientist Leon Foucault’s famous Gyroscope – the definition of vintage with a twist.


Earthy Elegance: Bark

If you are equally at home in the great outdoors as you are… well, at home, then Bark is the light for you. Available in round, square or rectangular shapes, and in a variety of sizes to suit your space, our Bark chandelier whispers rather than shouts about its contemporary art deco style credentials.

Understated (and we think all the better for it), each Bark chandelier is made from 261 gently rippled glass prisms, creating the texture of natural bark. Each of the cast-glass pieces is hand-polished, then attached to the elegant matt brass frame in stepped concentric rows. The resulting chandelier is warm, tactile and natural in feel – a modern light to fit a relaxed, elegant lifestyle.


Disco Drama: Night Rod

Love to party? Another of our vintage-style chandeliers with va-va-voom to spare, Night Rod is a disco diva that demands – and gets – your attention. Its long, triangular prisms of optical-grade glass are cut just so, creating refracted light effects that shimmer seductively across the room.

Encased in plated bronze or a natural metal-toned skeleton, the prisms are staggered for maximum effect, and are available in round or rectangular styles in a variety of sizes. Forget gaudy disco-ball strobes, Night Rod is the Studio 54 of our collection – tall, glamorous and always ready to take centre stage.


The Illusionist: Light Wheel

If you’re a contemporary creative, then take a spin on our Light Wheel. Playfully re-imagining the everyday function of a bicycle wheel, Light Wheel may be industrial in its origins, but it is certainly refined enough to feel at home just about anywhere.

Look up from beneath, and you’ll see that each of Light Wheel’s K9 optical glass prisms is held in place by bike-like spokes. Look again facing on to the chandelier, and you’ll see that its prisms are delicately smoked on one side, creating a mesmerising optical illusion as the lightbulbs alternately show themselves, before vanishing again, creating the appearance of being lit magically from within. Perfect for the modernist who can’t resist playful detailing.


Deco Darling: Rex

If heritage informs your taste, then how about a vintage light that’s as British as a night at the West End? The Rex is a 1930s cinema in Berkhamsted, UK, that had fallen into disrepair, before being painstakingly restored to its former glory, re-opening in 2004.

A stunning example of Art Deco design, the auditorium featured lavish crystal chandeliers throughout, and our Rex is every bit as detailed as its illustrious namesake. A uniquely diamond-shaped chandelier, ritzy retro Rex is crafted from prismatic baguettes of high-grade optical glass that are polished to a high shine worthy of any heirloom jewellery, before being encased in a polished iron frame.


Subtle Showers: Rock Crystal Rain

If your home is an oasis of calm, then make it rain in the best possible way. Rock Crystal Rain’s delicate droplets are a welcome shower – without the clouds.

Showcasing the best of modern chandelier design with its thoughtful form, Rock Crystal Rain is crafted from hand-hewn pieces of natural rock crystal, lightly polished to retain the crystal’s distinct original texture. Each piece is then mounted within its own socket and gently illuminated, and, as the light passes through the multi-faceted natural crystals, it is gently diffused, creating a soft, warm glow that fills the room with an inviting, organic ambience.


Cosmic Chic: Rosen Bridge

If you’re fascinated by the night sky, then channel your inner astronaut with this contemporary celebration of that most intriguing final frontier. Finished in sleek vintage bronze, Rosen Bridge is crafted from concentric circles of steel that pivot around a central orb.

Orbiting this gently glowing celestial body, the chandelier’s rings contain polished glass rods, each illuminated with either starlight-cool or sunshine-warm LED lights that radiate a fascinating light. Available in three- or five-ring styles that can be positioned to create the ideal effect for your space, we think that Rosen Bridge is truly out-of-this-world.