The sea is full of romance. There's this sense of adventure and discovery, the promise of new horizons, new lands and shores.

In fact, British heritage is full of the tales and legends of the sea, from Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, to the Royal Navy that once ruled the waves, the Titanic and other more successful transatlantic sailings, through to the Beatles Yellow Submarine, or James Bond on some tropical island. The British Isles have always contended with the sea, and the coast has always loomed in the imagination as a threshold to the rest of the world.

The coast kind of calls to you, and that spirit has also worked its way into our product design, which we hope conveys some of that carefree, spirited romance of the sea that we all love.

So grab a cool drink, fire up the barbeque and embrace our fresh take on easy, breezy, island style. 


Coast into relaxed mealtimes with the Junction dining table. Warm, weathered oak legs are topped with smooth, luminous white marble, offering a cool and classic setting for laid-back fare with friends and family.

Available in 3 sizes, in black or white marble with oak or black legs, and in an all marble finish. 



Based on drawings found in a science sketchbook from the early 1900s, this striking artwork presents humble creatures of the sea in stunning vintage fashion. Printed on archival paper and framed in black wood.

Lobster, Crab, and Sea Urchin available. 



Light and airy, the Nirvana sectional sofa is a perfect escape. Sink into comfort and relax, re-energise, or kick-back with friends.

Available in a wide array of linens, leathers, and velvets. 



Based on maritime flags from the International Code of Signals, our Signal cushions capture the excitement of sea voyages with the trepidation of the unknown.

Available in 2 sizes and in 6 designs: Echo, Golf, Mike, Oscar, Uniform, and Zulu. 



Seafaring stories of weather beaten junks and adventures of fishermen are brought back to life in the Junk Art coffee table, featuring a reclaimed fishing boat propeller topped with a single pane of glass.

Available as round or square, in 2 sizes. 



Brushed aluminium meets beach wood to create a streamlined feeling of tranquillity in the Castaway collection. A refined range of stylish and practical classics, featuring hallmark workmanship.

Available as a side table, media unit, sideboard, coffee table, chest and bookcase.



Our iconic Axel collection carries coastal echoes, featuring timbers reclaimed from old fishing boats. The colourations and texture of the wood are slowly attained by natural weathering over time, giving a unique personality to each piece. Around 400 nails need to be removed by hand from the salvaged wood to claim enough timber for just one mirror.

Available as a dining table, bench, coffee table, side table, bookcase, media unit, console, and mirror.



Windsailing is the ultimate freedom on the open ocean, reminiscent of long summers spent in St Tropez. This super image was taken in the early 1980’s off the coast of the United Kingdom when windsailing was at its peak, having been recognised as an Olympic sport in 1984.