Emperor Augustus, founder of the Roman Empire, boasted that his rule left Rome “a city of marble”. 2000 years later, marble remains a stalwart of classic interior styling and the epitome of Mediterranean cool.

The Greeks and Romans used marble for its crisp, clean, cool effect. Michelangelo sculpted the statue of David from a single block. Rome’s famous marble Spanish Steps retain their enduring beauty, despite the thousands of feet that tread them every day, nearly 300 years after they were built.

Full of individuality and soul, Timothy Oulton’s white marble collection gives a modern twist to this ancient material, adding elegance and drama to your interior. In the Hollywood coffee table, Art Deco glamour is brought to life, juxtaposing a circular marble top with a warm brass frame and rich rose gold inlay. Another textural contrast is explored in the epic Junction dining table, marrying a smooth plane of white marble with raw weathered oak legs.

A new innovation for 2016 is the Odeon Marble pendant, which replaces glass crystals with translucent ingots of white marble, suspended from a matt black iron frame. In the Marble coffee table, marble is built onto frames that feature modern sharp lines, giving the impression of solidity and anchoring a room with its gravitas, while on a more compact scale, the striking Flambeau Marble candleholders feature hand-carved curves inspired by ancient Egyptian urns, softly glowing like moonstone when lit.

The word marble comes from the Greek for ‘shining stone’. Its translucency is similar to that of skin, giving a unique visual depth beyond its surface. Like fingerprints, no two slabs are alike, with the frequency and intensity of the veining unique to each piece. Marble’s naturally porous surface will develop its own patina with use and wear, etched with its own story over time. This is the marvel of marble, manufactured by nature, repurposed by Timothy Oulton into something surprising, exciting and audaciously cutting-edge.