Napolean Bonaparte once said “Nothing makes the future look so rosy as to contemplate it through a glass of Chambertin.” Well quite right Napoloean, which is why we were first in line at Wine HK this month, hanging out at the Timothy Oulton designed VIP marquee for a 3 day wine tasting extravaganza.

Hosted by Iron Monger events, Wine HK embraced its second year with over 10,000 attendees who flocked to Hong Kong’s Central Harbourfront to explore over 800 varieties of wine in the city’s biggest pop-up wine cellar. From Argentinian Malbec to French Bordeaux and Spanish Tempranillo, guests were taken on a voyage of taste across some of the world’s most exciting wine regions. While enjoying the deep plums, citrus subtleties and oaky woodiness of the various tipples guests could also drink in the fabulous Hong Kong skyline with panoramic views across the shimmering water.

Now England may not be famed for our vineyards but we Brits certainly enjoy drinking the fruits of labour from other parts of the world when it comes to wine. The British-styled VIP marquee provided a great space to enjoy the atmosphere and really savour the tastes on offer. Guests relaxed on the jubilant Bensington Union Jack and swirled their glasses on the leather Kensington sofa and roomy Bensington footstools.

As guests chatted over champagne and wine, the Blackhawk coffee table and Drum side table provided just the spot for a well-drunk glass. The Bank and Pigeon Hole in Tavern provided a great talking point with its display of vintage riding hats and lush wheatgrass while the English sports theme continued with the vintage tennis racket art on the wall alongside our Cards and Maps Artline. The cosy atmosphere was accentuated by Atom and Gyro lighting and hundreds of fresh red roses.