Timothy Oulton joins forces with kinetic artist Didier Legros, to present a new masterpiece in kinetic art; Chaos. When Tim first met Didier some years ago at an art exhibition, his discerning eye quickly acknowledged the artistic potential of Didier’s kinetic art, and the collaboration was set in motion.

Tim first introduced pieces into his stores, including a piece in the Timothy Oulton Dallas Store which opened one year ago.

Mesmerised by both the motion and extreme precision of Didier’s pieces, Tim then commissioned the creation of a new masterpiece of kinetic structure, a project bigger than any attempted to date. Quite the contrary of something chaotic, the sculpture involves no less than fifty jumping marbles that are charged with kinetic energy and are then carefully choreographed to skip elaborately across five different vertically suspended panels. It is this technical aspect and meticulous attention to detail that first appealed to Tim. With no less than one year of hard labour and countless adjustments, Didier finished his work of art. Tim’s vision became real and Chaos was born.

Didier says of the partnership: “I understood from the start that Tim was as merrily crazy as I was, so that it would allow us to dream together”. He recalled his first impression of Timothy Oulton’s collections as “a treasure trove of new discoveries, where everything had been freshened and perfected, where you could dare to challenge convention