Capturing the romance and magic of bygone glamour but transporting it into the 21st century, Timothy Oulton’s audacious printed velvet collection boldly collides old world charm with modern vigour, creating the perfect backdrop for elegant entertaining. Choose from Faded & Degraded, Acid Jungle, or Revival Velvet, available on selected sofas, armchairs, footstools and dining chairs across the Timothy Oulton Collection.

Faded & Degraded velvet makes a splash in a range of richly layered patterns. Choose from the vivid blue hues of Melting Paisley, the saturated pinks of Peeling Ceiling or the more subdued greys of Peat Smudge. Taking inspiration from the peeling plaster of grand old buildings to the faded elegance of Victorian damask wallpaper, each unique design blends vintage motifs with bold abstract patterns for a modern twist on tradition.


Faded & Degraded ‘Melting Paisley’

Melting Paisley has a mesmerising layered effect, transporting you through eras of time. Based on a background of faded Victorian damask wallpaper, a contrasting splattered ink overlay adds a modern expressive viewpoint onto the ornate detailing and ordered form underneath.

Shown on the Mimi dining chair.


Faded & Degraded ‘Peeling Ceiling’

The texture and patterns of a once grand plaster ceiling, now crumbling and worn with age, provide the basis for the clash of vibrant hues of pinks, oranges, blues, yellows and grey, with multiple layers of colour and pattern clamouring across in a mottled effect on soft velvet.

Shown on the Shabby modular sofa.


Faded & Degraded ‘Peat Smudge’

A traditional paisley pattern is updated, creatively merged with an overlay of abstract art in this unique velvet finish. Peat Smudge is designed in soft hues of light and dark greys, evoking faded grandeur from a bygone era in a soothing colour.

Shown on the Westminster Button 1-seater sofa.  


Acid Jungle

Also available on selected upholstery, Acid Jungle is a sumptuously exotic velvet. Lush greens entwine with vibrant florals in a blaze of luminescence, while a dramatic black backdrop creates depth and contrast.

Shown on the Manor chair.

Revival Velvet

Velvet is a timeless material that harks back to a bygone era, evoking warmth and comfort. The nap catches the light in different ways so even in low light velvet can look very dramatic – making it the perfect material for spaces such as living rooms, which are predominantly used in the evening. Winter is the perfect time for velvet, when cold weather calls for cosy, comfy textures.

With a silky touch and intensely rich colour, Timothy Oulton’s Revival Velvet has an elegant short pile with a subtle, glamorous sheen.

Serpentine sofa shown in Revival Velvet Ruby. Also available in Teal, Black, Mint, Navy and Grey.

Excite the senses this winter with Timothy Oulton’s luxurious velvet collection, featured as part of its Thrill Energy, and set the scene for decadent comfort and romance.


Discover Timothy Oulton’s modern velvet renaissance at your nearest gallery.