On the 26th of September 2013, we celebrated the one year anniversary of our Timothy Oulton Dallas gallery with a thoroughly British birthday bash. Around 300 party-goers including partners, VIPs and friends gathered together for our rock and roll style soiree. The evening had all the ingredients of a top night – plenty of drinks, an exciting venue and a live band to really get the party started.

Upon arrival, guests stepped out to the wonderful sight of two Mini Coopers outside the store. The iconic British car is a much loved favourite with Timothy Oulton since Tim owned his own vintage Mini some years ago, and has become a regular sight at Timothy Oulton events. Guests received a royal welcome at the door from three British Guards, dressed in their red uniforms and tall bear skin hats. Keeping with the tradition of the Queen’s Horseman Guards they did their best to keep a stiff British upper lip but it was a challenge not to smile among all the excitement.

Inside the gallery, luscious morsels of party food were provided by Hospitality Sweet including the most decadent red velvet cupcakes which all went down a treat. Mouth-watering cheeses were complemented by the vibrant Boisset wine, and guests were treated to a bit of an education from the wine sommelier. Everyone chatted animatedly and refreshed their palates with a glass (or three) of Veuve Cliquot  champagne or ice-cold beer from our London Café.

The big hit of the party was the extremely talented A Hard Night’s Day. The Beatles tribute band have been making music together for 30 years; they share our Timothy Oulton philosophy that the best things in life are cultivated over time. The crowd really let their hair down, singing along to their favourite songs and showing off their dance moves to ‘Hey Jude’ and other classics.

With the lyrics of ‘We All Live in A Yellow Submarine’ in full flow, a great talking point was our very own authentic yellow submarine, housed in a custom-built aquarium in the store. Part of the vintage collection, its Royal Navy history makes it the pride of Timothy Oulton antiques and a daring proof of authenticity. Guests were also mesmerised by the huge kinetic art sculpture ‘Chaos’, commissioned by Tim from artist Didier Legros and beginning its worldwide tour in Dallas.

Another surprise for the invitees was our fabulous Pillow Bar. Guests were able to make and order their own individual pillow, choosing from the softest cloud-like comfort and tailoring it exactly for their perfect night’s sleep. Much in the same vein, one lucky dream chaser was entitled to one of our mattresses after winning a lucky draw.  Our springing systems make our beds no ordinary bed with each one taking 150 hours of pure hand craftsmanship using the world’s finest materials to create an unrivalled product for truly energetic living.

All the fun of the night was captured in some rather entertaining shots in the Photomadic booth, rounding up a great evening had by all. Guests had high expectations for the night after we stirred up some excitement among the locals with a Bowler Hat March. The bowler hat, or Derby as it’s known state-side was historically more popular than the cowboy hat in the West. Once favoured by Butch Cassidy, it embodies Timothy Oulton through its authentic spirit and genuine Britishness.

The time has flown since we told Dallas one year ago “the Brits are coming