Good interior design that incorporates individual style has always relied on pieces from different cultures and periods. Vintage never dies, it has a story, and that’s what draws people to it. That’s why you’ll find a trove of vintage treasures in every one of our galleries. Tim Oulton has been procuring rare and eclectic vintage pieces since he started in his father’s antiques business age 18, some of which are available to purchase in our galleries, and others through our sister company Rare by Oulton.


Highlights of our Vintage Collection, available at selected galleries:

Suez Canal Searchlights

This Japanese Suez searchlight, manufactured by Sanshin Electric Corporation circa 1970 stands as an authentic piece of heritage. Made of stainless steel and aluminium for the fitting base, and of high quality tempered glass for the front glass, this searchlight can resist severe temperature variations such as those experienced by ships that circumnavigate the globe. It is mounted on a machine gun stand, adding yet another layer of history to this original design.


Tennis ‘Match Point’

This handmade artwork “Match Point” has been conjured from a gathered collection of vintage wooden tennis rackets, arranged around a traditional Crystal chandelier. Years of pouring over flea markets have enabled us to distinguish uniqueness and authenticity in each one of these rackets, which date from the 1950s and 60s.


British Rowing Sculls

Reviving the spirited collegiate lifestyle and sporting of days gone by. The long, narrowed-shapes of the boats, the riggers, fin and rudder, even the lacing on the old foot stretchers tell a story of their own. Each of these boats was destined for glory conceived long ago for endurance races, time trials, stakes or bumps racing.


Great Wall of China 

Around 300 vintage dinner plates were used to create this epic blue and white wall art, a tribute to both British heritage and Ti

mothy Oulton’s passion for reviving the lost art of hosting. Sourced from markets across the UK, all of the plates are original vintage pieces spanning the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods.


Louis Vuitton and Goyard Trunk Collection 

Tim Oulton has always been obsessed by vintage luggage, and trunks are a great example of antiques being relevant in modern interiors. His collection of around 160 trunks - mainly Louis Vuitton and some Goyard – features some rare collectibles including a bespoke writing desk trunk commissioned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, on display at our Bluebird gallery in London.


Visit your nearest Timothy Oulton gallery to explore our Vintage Collection, and visit to discover Tim’s personally curated rare antiques collection, available to purchase.