Ah, Paris. The city of light, of love, and of fashion. And twice a year, it’s home to the design world’s most coveted event – the Maison & Objet fair. Suffice to say, we were thrilled to be there once again this January, showcasing our Noble Souls collection to the international interior design and lifestyle community. The four-day event was indeed magnifique in every way.


As Europe’s largest design exhibition, Maison & Objet unveils all the trends for the coming year in the worlds of decoration, design, lifestyle, furniture and accessories. It’s what you may call a design playground, with booth after booth of exhibitors unveiling their latest designs.


But amidst this extravaganza was an oasis of calm: Timothy Oulton’s Noble Souls. Behind the sweeping blue curtains of our booth lay a world of tranquility: a return to nature, to ancient wisdom, and most importantly, a return to the senses.


If you’re not yet familiar with our Noble Souls collection, it’s based on a simple idea: In today’s digitalized, virtualized world, luxuries are about blissful moments, not things. And in asking ourselves how to create more of these moments, we created a sofa collection of disarming softness and epic comfort.


Noble Souls is the first full range made using 100% natural vegetable dyes applied with ancient techniques and materials. The natural indigo used in the collection grows in the mountains of rural China; and in the remote surrounding villages, Dong families keep the tradition of indigo dyeing alive using techniques that have been passed down through the generations.


Bringing this story 6000 miles around the world to Maison & Objet, was one of the Dong women from the village where Tim Oulton had travelled on his quest to discover more about this ancient craft.  As well as captivating guests by singing her native songs, she demonstrated the traditional looming techniques throughout the course of the show, with many people stopping in their tracks to watch her at work.


The atmosphere was abuzz each day from the moment we welcomed our first guests through to the abundant cheese lunch and beautiful chocolate board in the afternoon (we were in Paris after all). People took time to experience the whole space and get lost in the sofas, sinking into ultra-fine feathers and the softest of linens as they floated into blissful relaxation. The story of ancient indigo, natural materials and reclamation was one that many people took to their hearts: a celebration of nature, simplicity, and of reconnecting more deeply with our senses.


If you’d like to experience disarming softness visit your nearest gallery or discover more about the unique story of Noble Souls here.