A modern revival of the classic wingback chair, the chiselled look of the Achilles chair contrasts bold curves with pared back elegance. Its distinctively rounded back is echoed in the sabre legs and gentle slope of the arms, which extend down to the tip of each leg uninterrupted.

Rustic Weathered Oak is contrasted with the soft and supple feel of durable hand-finished leather for ultra-comfortable, casual lounging.

Achilles was created by Wayne Chiu, part of the Timothy Oulton Design Team. Wayne says: “I really like the combination of a vintage finish with a modern, relaxed look. The chiselled timber arms give it that edgier look, to me the design conjured up images of a Trojan horse – that’s where the name Achilles comes from.”


Meet Wayne Chiu, Designer of the Achilles chair

After working in Toronto designing classic toys, Wayne met Tim through a mutual friend who he rode motorbikes with. Wayne is now an integral part of a small team of designers, working closely with Tim on new innovations.

What inspires you?
The way I see a chair or sofa for example, is that it should be like your second skin, comfort is the most important thing for me. Ergonomically you need to put a lot of thought into it, it’s a lot of calculations – it takes a long time to get it just right. But that’s how you create something that doesn’t just look great but it actually improves someone’s quality of life.

What makes a design classic?
When you look at it and it’s so simple – you wonder how you never thought of it yourself. Those are the timeless pieces – something unpretentious and really comfortable, that seems simple but there’s actually a lot of thought and detail that went into it.

What’s your favourite Timothy Oulton leather to work with?
A full aniline leather like Vagabond, which features on the Achilles. We use translucent dyes, we don’t mask the leather, so you can see the differences in every piece. It’s the amount of time and effort that goes into the hand-finishing that makes our leathers such high quality. Vagabond is very heavily distressed over many hours, but its vintage look gives it that timeless elegance.

The Achilles chair is available in a choice of finishes including: 30 leathers, Revival Velvet, Scuff Linen, Whispy Linen and new Woven Linen. It is a new addition to the Coastal Drift collection and is available to order through Timothy Oulton stores worldwide.