Timothy Oulton recently collaborated with Staritsky & Levitsky, offering vodka lovers a fascinating heritage experience at Harrods’s famed Tasting Room.

Staritsky & Levitsky is the world’s first Ukrainian super-premium vodka, rich in Slavic tradition with a worldwide reputation for excellence. Timothy Oulton was proud to partner with the prestigious brand for a two week event, transforming the famed Tasting Room at Harrods, London, into the House of Staritsky; a beautifully appointed space styled with a member’s club ambience, where guests were invited to sample the aromatic blend of Private Cellar; the brand’s super-premium vodka line.

Both Timothy Oulton and Staritsky & Levitsky share a passion for time-honoured techniques, reinvention and innovation. Both artisans in their own craft, Staritsky & Levitsky use only the finest ingredients just as Timothy Oulton seeks only the world’s purest materials to create luxurious experiences.

Guests were welcomed into the cosy surrounds of the Harrods Tasting Room, furnished by Timothy Oulton. They relaxed on Mars MK3 chairs and Aviator Tomcat chairs in Black Spitfire, the sleek metal mimicking the crispness of the vodka while buttery vintage leather soothed in comfort like the warmth of Private Cellar’s subtle spices. A Blackhawk side table and Paris trunk in Vintage Bianco leather provided the perfect spot to rest one’s glass as guests enjoyed a fascinating insight into the brand’s century-old distillery methods and savoured the pure, unadulterated taste.