As much as we love a rugged hand-finish, we thought it’s time to show off the softer, gentler side of Timothy Oulton with two sumptuous finishes that feel oh so good against the skin. We’re talking about rich and luscious Revival Velvet and the smooth silkiness of Aussie leather. As the weather turns colder, it’s time to cosy up on your favourite sofa or chair, swathed in something ludicrously soft and inviting…

Sink into Aussie

Tim Oulton’s passion for leather began many years ago when he was an antiques dealer in England. Over the years, the Timothy Oulton brand has become synonymous with world-class leathers, with each hide finished purely by hand for that warm, buttery touch and natural look and feel.

Launched this year, Aussie leather has been created for a luxuriously soft experience. , Aussie is a pure aniline nubuck finish with a brushed velvety nap. The leather is immersed in oil for many hours to soften the hide, and then washed and tumbled to create a smooth and silky texture, tantalizingly soft to the touch. Despite its delicate feel, Aussie is resilient to scratches and offers practical resistance to spills as long as they are attended to immediately, making it perfect for everyday use.

Available in either Royal Grey or Tobac, Aussie features across the upholstery collection. Discover it on the blissfully relaxing Pillow sectional sofa, the rustic and casual Feather dining chair, or the elegant mid-century inspired Wall Street chair.

Revival Velvet: A Modern Renaissance

Velvet. A timeless material that harks back to a bygone era, evoking warmth and comfort. The nap catches the light in different ways so even in low light velvet can look very dramatic – making it the perfect material for spaces such as living rooms, which are predominantly used in the evening. Winter is the perfect time for velvet, when cold, inclement weather calls for cosy, comfy textures.

With its lavishly soft touch and intensely rich colour, Revival Velvet is a modern renaissance of this classic fabric, designed with an elegant short pile and subtle sheen. In Revival Velvet Navy, the Serpentine sofa blends its classic Chesterfield roots with a touch of modern glamour, while the Den sofa invites you to curl up in its nest of feather-filled cushions swathed in decadent Revival Velvet Teal. For an elegant entertaining space, the Mimi dining chair can be dressed in any of the five colours of Revival Velvet, or mix and match for an eclectic style, choosing from Teal, Black, Mint, Navy or Grey.

Aussie leather and Revival Velvet are available on selected upholstery across the Timothy Oulton collection.