A little drink, a little smoke and a lot of fun was the order of the day as we got together in our Hong Kong and Dallas galleries this month with cigar aficionados Davidoff and whisky maestros including Macallan and Highland Park.

Over in Hong Kong, our St Francis Street gallery warmly welcomed an intimate crowd including our Timothy Oulton Honorary Ambassador Denis Martinet from Bremont. As guests swirled their whisky glasses, Highland Park’s Stephen Mac was on hand to take them through each flavour from heather-honey sweetness to a full malt delivery. The charismatic Uris Chan from Davidoff expertly paired each blend with fine cigars as our guests sampled the coffee creaminess and nutty woodiness of the different tobaccos.

Our chaps made themselves at home on our new Jet collection and one lucky person was the winner of our Mini Raleigh Spitfire Case; just the thing for imagined secret missions and James Bond-style adventures.

Across the waters in Dallas, we welcomed around 100 fine looking fellows to our Whisky and Cocktails evening. Guests relaxed and threw their feet up on our new Jet Bendum sofa as Macallan’s US Ambassador Jason Moore took them through some seasoned oak flavours of the 10 and 12 year single malt, distilled at Macallan’s 300 year old Scottish estate.

Trina Nishimura, notable local mixologist, was in our London Café Bar mixing up specialty cocktails with Brugal Extra Dry and Famous Grouse. Our passion for handcraftsmanship even stretched to the drinks with amazing hand carved ice cubes by Mate Hartai.