It was a warm, balmy evening in SoHo, New York. Fresh red rose petals carpeted the pavement outside the iconic World of McIntosh Townhouse. Inside, glasses were being polished, champagne corks were noisily popping, and the finishing touches were being set. It was time to welcome our guests, for a movie night…with a difference.

Around 40 guests had arrived to experience “the perfect listening lounge”, the latest collaboration between McIntosh Group and Timothy Oulton. The third floor of the historic townhouse was recently restyled to create a show-stopping entertaining space, immersing guests in a unique sensory experience that combines McIntosh Group’s premier audio products with a captivating backdrop furnished by Timothy Oulton.

Following the path of rose petals into the townhouse, guests were given a private tour of the historic five-storey building which was once a celebrated art gallery. It was then out onto the open air terrace for a pre-movie cocktail to enjoy the last of the day’s sunshine. The atmosphere was intimate and relaxed, a group of like-minded people enjoying each other’s company. As guests lounged on oversized Lazy chairs amidst an urban oasis of lush greenery, conversations were shared, boundaries were dissolved and stories were swapped.

Then, the big announcement…

It was at this moment we were thrilled to share some exciting news with the group: Timothy Oulton’s new Manhattan gallery will be opening on 6 August in the New York Design Centre at 200 Lexington Avenue. (Now the cat is truly out of the bag! We’ll keep you posted on further details.)

Back to the night in question, and the movie was about to begin. It was a classic choice, the coolly sophisticated Sean Connery playing James Bond against Gert Fröbe’s malevolent Goldfinger. Our party made their way into the third floor listening lounge and took their seats on the disarmingly comfortable Shabby sectional, our ultimate sloucher sofa, which had been configured into ‘cinema seat’ rows for the occasion. The enormous projector screen was pulled down above the grand stone fireplace. Lights dimmed, pitch perfect sound quality filled the air from McIntosh’s high-tech audio equipment. “Do you expect me to talk?” “No Mr Bond, I expect you to die.”

As with any great hosted experience, every detail had been thought-out to give our guests a memorable evening. Rod floor lamps and the softly illuminated Bio Hazard bar cabinet set the tone perfectly with their mellow glow. Champagne bottles were filled with tall blooms of fresh roses, echoed in platters of rose petal cupcakes, while hand-picked vintage coronation mugs, filled with British candies, were the final touch, given to each guest at the end of the evening.

Both Timothy Oulton and McIntosh Group are linked by their passion for cutting-edge design as well as strong values of handcraftsmanship and heritage, but they are also bonded by another common quest: to create unforgettable experiences for their customers. Hosting, sharing, connecting: that’s what the evening had been all about.

The credits rolled. James Bond would return in Thunderball, while our guests, we hope, will return for the next great night in, hosted by Timothy Oulton.