Connecting with and nurturing emerging talent in design is something very close to our heart at Timothy Oulton, so we were thrilled to collaborate with the American Society of Interior Designers for a recent panel discussion at the Orange County gallery.


The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) aims to advance the interior design profession, communicating on the impact of design on the human experience, and preparing its members to excel in a dynamic and evolving profession. Partnering with Timothy Oulton, the event was a great opportunity to speak to young interior designers on how to take their career to the next level.


18 designers arrived at the gallery to begin the evening, in the inspiring surrounds of innovative yet timeless handcrafted design. It was a welcoming, intimate atmosphere as guests mingled over a glass of champagne, relaxing on the Nirvana and Westminster sofas. A fascinating panel discussion ensued, with VIP speakers from ASID exploring topics including how design impacts lives, how to approach a career crossroads, and making a mark in the world of design. The panel included Elizabeth De Angeles, Adriel Codgal, Beverly Stadler, Gigi Harris, and Alix Flamm as Moderator.


Guests explored the Timothy Oulton collections, learning more about the authentic materials used, such as reclaimed boat wood in the signature Axel range, and K9 optical glass in the glamorous Rex collection. Conversation also turned to the Trade Professionals Program and its benefits. Towards the end of the evening, some lucky guests were delighted to win a leather-bound Comment Book and scented candles, perfect for some seasonal sparkle.


Timothy Oulton works closely with interior designers all over the world, and is passionate about helping them to bring a unique new perspective in furniture and interior design to their clients. The evening had been a great opportunity to bring like-minded people together to discuss the impact of design, as well as introducing the group to a wide resource of unique and daring collections for their next project.