New to L.A.’s Art District, RVCC Intersect is a coffee shop-cum-community space that is fast becoming a launch pad for music, art, tech, and creatives. Opened by Downtown L.A. pioneers Nicolo Rusconi and Chris Adams, Intersect’s casual yet sophisticated interior is furnished with pieces from Chris’s favourite designer – Timothy Oulton.
Committed to revitalizing Downtown L.A., Chris Adams is passionate about building cultural destinations with a lasting vision for the future. He previously opened RVCC, a private members’ club in downtown, but now expands his offering to the general public with RVCC Intersect.

The airy 3,800 square foot space includes an espresso bar, barbers and art gallery. Chris says: “The concept comes from neighborhoods, industries, communities, art, and culture converging together at an intersection point. It’s a meeting place for everything happening in DTLA.”

Walking into RVCC Intersect feels like walking into your friend’s (very cool) home. The Tribeca Tufted sofa in rich black leather offers a place to lounge, next to the rugged Tracks coffee table and console handcrafted in Spitfire and reclaimed railway timber. Joker barstools provide a comfortable seat to perch at the coffee bar, across from a duo of Mars chairs in both the MK3 and MK4 design.

The high, exposed ceiling and brick walls give the space an industrial feel, complemented by pieces such as the Professor Spitfire armchairs and the Axel bookcase, piled high with books and unusual artefacts. The Junction marble dining table and Mimi leather dining chairs sit by the large window, offering a relaxed social spot for people to hang out.

Tim Oulton and Chris Adams both share a passion for creating spaces with long term meaning, where people can come together, connect, and be inspired. Chris says: “Timothy is my favourite furniture designer. He’s one of the only people pushing the envelope in design both quality-wise and conceptually. He’s one of the only designers that I feel something when I walk into a room full of his work.”

RVCC Intersect opened in July, at 2406 E 8th St. Los Angeles, CA 90021