The University of Oxford, the oldest learning institution in the world, has propelled its students to success far and wide across the globe. In San Francisco, the Timothy Oulton gallery was proud to recently host some distinguished members of The Oxford Alumni Northern California for its annual holiday mixer.

Timothy Oulton has a history of collaboration with the University of Oxford, with past collections inspired by its grand architecture and great halls filled with antiques. The university’s rich heritage resonates strongly with Tim Oulton, who is also deeply influenced by his time at British boarding school Ampleforth College. Having hosted previous mixers for the group, it was the perfect opportunity to partner with the iconic British institution once again.

Over 40 guests arrived at the gallery, delighted to both reconnect with old faces and shake hands with new acquaintances. The Oxford Alumni Northern California was founded in 1979, serving the region from San Luis Obispo to the Oregon border, but with most members residing in the greater San Francisco Bay area. The role of the group is to build connections and community through social, cultural, and intellectual activities. With the ethos of hosting at the heart of Timothy Oulton, the inspiring surrounds of the gallery offered the perfect backdrop to host the community and encourage connections.

Champagne glasses clinked and guests chatted from the comfort of the Shabby and Nirvana sectional sofas. Tradition met modernity in both the handcrafted furniture and the university philosophy ingrained in its former members.  Conversation starters included the Inception mirror, inspired by vintage infinity mirrors, the Spur side tables in acrylic and driftwood, and the Saddle chairs, celebrating traditional English country pursuits.

As the lucky draw ceremoniously drew the attention of the crowd, one lucky winner was pleased to win a Scholar chair, aptly inspired by the traditional armchairs found in English universities. The evening came to a close, and as guests said their farewells, a collective feeling of belonging lingered a while longer.