The bar in question was the Blue Room at the Los Angeles Athletic Club (LAAC), an iconic institution which once entertained the likes of Walt Disney and Clark Gable. The occasion? A chance to get together with our customers to share the pleasures of a beautiful meal. 18 guests who hailed from all walks of life, from different countries and backgrounds; a vibrant melting pot of personalities all breaking bread together around the table.


Arriving on the third floor of the LAAC, our guests headed to a trick bookcase which opened to reveal the secret stairwell entrance, once used to store liquor during the years of Prohibition. Back in Hollywood’s Golden Age, the Blue Room was the meeting place of L.A.’s most influential movers and shakers – the “Uplifter’s Club”. Tonight, it was the turn of our discerning guests to be uplifted, and right on cue the champagne corks popped and the cocktail shakers shook, signaling the start of a wonderful evening.


Our rich band of people brought together a vastly different array of perspectives around the dining table, making for some sizzling conversation. A principle ballerina, a footballer, and a surgeon – convivially chatting as barriers melted away. A computer gamer, a talent scout, an actor, an interior designer – all swapping stories and getting to know each other.


After the amuse-bouche, LAAC General Manager Cory Hathaway welcomed the party to the historic Blue Room venue, which was redesigned by Timothy Oulton in 2015. Over five sumptuous courses, including octopus carpaccio and dark cherry gelato, a game of musical chairs ensued, ensuring everyone had the opportunity to chat to Tim Oulton about his inspiration and influences, as well as the other interesting characters around the table.


As the clock compelled the evening to draw to its close, our guests left with the memories of a wonderful night. Hosting is more than the food, the drinks, or the interior alone. It is the culmination of all these parts that creates a memorable experience, and of course it is the people that are at the very heart. In a world that is today so international, common threads of creativity and curiosity connect people together, and our lives are made that much richer for having shared time together.