Ahead of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we celebrate the role British heritage has on our design ethos at Timothy Oulton.



What is British style?

To us, British style blends an eccentricity and inventiveness with an enduring nostalgia for heritage, tradition, and craftsmanship.



Pictured: Saddle Chair in quilted leather, inspired by equestrian heritage and countryside pursuits. The saddle silhouette is created using a lightweight fibreglass frame, generously padded for comfort and clad in hand-distressed leather. Actual stirrups are added either side for a playful touch.




British eccentricity and irreverence

Often, it is the eclectic and the eccentric that plays a role in British design, perhaps best summarised in our Westminster Jack’dN Brok’n sofa: a beautifully handcrafted, modern take on a traditional chesterfield sofa - one of the great British icons of design – reinvented with a dash of distinctive British humour and irreverence.




Pictured: Westminster Button Jack’dN Brok’n 1 -seater sofa, Regiment Drum side tables inspired by British military drums used in the 1800s, and Crystal lamps inspired by Georgian chandeliers.



The role of tradition and heritage in British design

Our founder Tim started out in his dad’s antiques shop, where he fell in love with British design and craftsmanship - things that were built to last for generations.


Trunks had a particular impact on Tim: “The leather on the suitcases had taken on a beautiful sheen from the greases and waxes that had built up over time due to constant handling, and scratches had been collected as mementos from each journey. I just loved the handcraftsmanship. I was amazed at the quality of the stuff that the British made over 300 years, the incredible detail that went into each trunk – right down to the locks and handles.”



Pictured: Shabby bed, Harrow end of bed trunk, inspired by vintage travel trunks, Stonyhurst side tables in shiny steel with leather detailing, another take on vintage trunks, Gyro pendant and Gyro Crystal lamps, inspired by nineteenth century experimental physicist Leon Foucault's gyroscope.



Pictured: Georgian Architectural dining table in century-old reclaimed timber, Lannister dining chairs in hand-distressed leather, and Crystal rectangular chandelier, nodding at Georgian grandeur




British design is often touted for its focus on fine craftsmanship

Everything we make at Timothy Oulton is built using time-honoured handcraftsmanship techniques, simple tools, the touch of the craftsman’s hand.



It takes much longer of course, but everything worthwhile takes effort. It’s the detailing – the hand-studding, hand-tufting, hand-finishing, that gives each piece its unique authenticity.



Pictured: Branco chair with scalloped detailing inspired by a Georgian nursing chair, Paris Trunk in Moo, and Gyro crystal pendant.


Translating quintessentially British features to a global audience

British heritage has always been a big influence for us - whether it’s in the design or the materials - but we put our own twist on it. Our ethos is rooted in the idea that beautiful interiors support the creation of hosted and social experiences, and that’s something that resonates with people across the globe who are hungry for inspiration and energy, who appreciate authenticity, and who aren’t afraid to subvert the norm.


Pictured: Westminster Feather sofa in Vagabond Red leather, Regiment Drum side table, and Stonyhurst coffee tablein Moo.