Traditionally associated with magic, elegance, and mystery, the colour black has long been a fashion classic worn by everyone from romantics to poets, punks and goths. When used in interiors, black can bring sophistication and drama to a scheme and acts as the perfect backdrop to art and furniture because it enhances the colours and shapes around it.


Black For Every Room

Black can be used in any room, in any style. It can be masculine, feminine, serious, fun, severe, or romantic. Black is a neutral that pairs with every colour beautifully, and shines on its own perfectly.  

It's all about how you use it.


Black Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are a great place to try out your first move with a dark scheme. We usually gather in these spaces at night, a time when a deep colour, illuminated by candlelight, draws you and your guests to the table. In this inviting space, the soft glow of the Rex lighting collection – encompassing dining table, console, mirror, and Rex Diamond pendants – creates a dramatic backdrop softened by sumptuous Fibi dining chairs in Melting Paisley velvet.

Black TV Rooms

Black can be very restful and cocooning, it exaggerates coziness; you just want to hunker down and never want to leave. Paint the wall behind your TV black to make it disappear when it’s not turned on and create a cinematic effect when it is.


The Shabby sectional sofa in Destroyed Black leather is super slouchy for box set marathons, accompanied here by Hustle wall art and Ice pendants.


Black Living Rooms

Used correctly, black can bring bold, chic, and classic appeal to living rooms. Bring in lots of different textures and a combination of matte and shiny surfaces to really make it work.


The Tribeca Tufted sofa in Old Saddle Black leather is teamed here with Bio Hazard bar cabinets, Hustle wall art, Zig Zag pendant and Crystal floor lamp.

Black Home Bar

A staple of nightclubs and smoky bars for decades, black sets the scene perfectly for a home bar.


Channel some Hollywood glamour with the Rex sideboard to house all your bottles and glassware, and add the Paradise table lamp,  Void wall art or Inception infinity mirror for more drama.


Black Den

Black also makes for a wonderfully cosy den, library, or study, filled with books and collected treasures. A small space in pure, undiluted black creates instant impact.

The Mentor Chair in Destroyed Black leather sits here with Qubus leather storage, illuminated by a Rod floor lamp


We hope we’ve inspired you to experiment with black in your interior. If you’d like to visualize a dramatic room scheme in your home, book in for our complimentary 3D Room Planning at your nearest gallery.