The bedroom. It’s the backdrop to our most personal daily rituals, it’s the first scene that greets you when you wake, the staging zone for your day, a retreat, a thought chamber, a setting for romance and intimacy, and the last thing you see before you sleep. Timothy Oulton Bedroom offers a select range of beautifully handcrafted beds, each piece conceived to elevate life’s most intimate rituals with enjoyment and style.

Created using the same time-honoured techniques, timeless design, and tactile materials that are hallmarks across the Timothy Oulton Collection, the new Bedroom range expresses a wide array of different energies, from the meditative and natural, to quiet sophistication, to inspiring glamour.

Highlights include the effortlessly luxe Shabby bed in richly textured, channel-stitched leather, the audacious yet timeless Tomcat bed, clad in Timothy Oulton’s signature riveted Spitfire, the disarmingly soft and serene Nest bed in natural vegetable-dyed linen, and the Argali bed in sumptuous long-haired sheepskin.

Accompanying the beds collection is a mattress and topper (not available in the US). The medium tension Revive mattress and Revive topper are made by hand using generous amounts of the world’s best materials, including New Zealand wool and Mongolian horsehair. Both the mattress and topper are available in either veg-dyed cotton or a range of world flags.