5 Things You’ll Only Find at our Bluebird Flagship


In 2018, we opened our global flagship at Bluebird – created to showcase the very best of Timothy Oulton. The following year, the gallery won the Inspiring Creative Design category at the prestigious Luxury Briefing Awards, with our story-filled store experience hailed as “the absolute antidote to Amazon”.


Here are 5 creative juggernauts that you’ll only find at our Bluebird gallery.


A Giant Mystical Rock Crystal


A tribute to the eternal beauty of raw, natural materials, this 1.7 tonne rock crystal was sourced from Brazil and is millions of years old.


Rock crystal is the purest and rarest form of quartz, and has the unique ability to generate its own electrical charge when pressed or squeezed – the piezoelectric effect. Go ahead and touch it, see if you can feel the energy!


Revered by many ancient cultures, it was believed to be the breath of white dragon by the Japanese, a representation of perfection, while Australian Aborigines believed it was frozen rain, a source of life. Rock crystal is used across the Timothy Oulton lighting and mirror collection.

A Yellow Submarine in a Tank Full of Fish

At once playful and audacious, our yellow submarine nods to Tim’s family’s military background as well as a love of British rock and roll, referencing the iconic track by The Beatles and symbolising our own community of creatives.

Mine sweeping submarines were introduced in the 1950s, and Tim purchased three of these cultural relics from the Royal Navy as vintage collectibles.

Adding a touch of theatrical flair, our yellow submarine is housed in a custom fish tank complete with tropical fish, and if you press the button, you might just recognize the song.


The Abbey Road Piano


Played by a host of legendary artists including Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney, this one-of-a-kind grand piano embodies our love of storied furniture.  


Abbey Road Studios bought it direct from Steinway, Hamburg, in 1973, and it remained in Studio 3 for 45 years. During this time it was used in sessions by stars including Floyd and McCartney, Tony Bennett, Paul Weller, Kate Bush, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Sam Smith, Frank Ocean, Foo Fighters, Manic Street Preachers, Radiohead, Katherine Jenkins, Gary Barlow, Dido, Mumford and Sons, and many more.

The instrument, a 6ft 2in Model A grand piano in a satin ebonised case, is in its original condition and is offered for sale in collaboration with Court House Pianos on the King’s Road.



Our Original Apollo


Apollo is Timothy Oulton’s bespoke, creative juggernaut. Now showcased in galleries all over the world, the Apollo at Bluebird is the original model that we first unveiled at Milan Design Week in 2018.


The bespoke interior includes tufted Tomahawk Camel leather, an Alabaster dining table and a customised Odeon pendant in Alabaster. The staircase is wrapped in luxurious woven leather and the central carpet is sheep fur.

The Marshal Bar

Our bespoke Marshal Bar is a salute to craftsmanship and hosting - cornerstones of our brand. Designed by Timothy Oulton Studio, the bar was inspired by the richly layered textures, colours and details of military uniforms. Tim’s dad, Major Philip Oulton, served in the British Army and Tim grew up with a fascination for military pageantry, which has shaped several of his designs over the years.

The thick leather and woven elements create an armour-like cladding and the repetitive chevron structure gives the bar a regimental feel. The smooth areas are clad in Safari Black leather while the woven part is in Safari Tobacco.  



Visit us at Bluebird, 350 King’s Road in Chelsea, London, to explore our global flagship.

Or visit our other London stores at 200 Tottenham Court Road or at Broadgate, 100 Liverpool Street.