Timothy Oulton is spearheading the design, furniture, and styling of 1880 – a unique member’s club opening in Singapore in early 2017.

1880 is borne out of the simple but grandiose idea that conversations can make the world a better place. The club is designed around the values of inclusion, acceptance and curiosity. It brings together fascinating people from various fields and industries to foster terrific conversations over world-class food and drink in beautiful, comfortable surroundings. It’s an urban oasis, a “walled garden for the weird and wonderful”, where members can meet and connect.

1880 will span 20,000 square feet in the heart of Robertson Quay in Singapore. The club combines open plan offices and a social/networking club in one seamless space. Traditional offices are evaporating, as people become mobile. But there is still a need to find a quiet corner to concentrate, or a place to meet and negotiate, or collaborate. While each space from the spa to co-working space and bar is designed to serve its own purpose – spatial planning, materials, and lighting all play a role to make sure there is a natural flow from one space to the other. Timothy Oulton’s design of 1880 is envisioned to orchestrate social, intellectual and business confluence amongst members.

The design aesthetic focuses on reinventing classic designs with a daring, modern twist for a design story inspired by the past that is still compellingly relevant today. We are using authentically handcrafted materials – often reclaimed and with a backstory – and combining them in ways that are sensorially rich within the space. Each piece of furniture is painstakingly hand-stitched and hand-tufted. Pure, natural materials are sought from every corner of the earth. Wood is salvaged from old English barns, disused Indonesian railways, antique Chinese doors and decommissioned fishing junks as well as imported aniline leather from cattle that roam free in the Pampas of South America.

Timothy Oulton explains; “In conceiving the club’s overall design, we want to respond to the fact that members of 1880 are incredibly dynamic and their lifestyle involves a lot of travel, irregular work hours, late nights and early mornings. 1880 promises to be that space in between offering an antidote to these pressures, a place to decompress, a space for inspiration, and a space to regenerate. We understand how important the environment is because being in the right environment provides opportunities for interaction, dialogue, work, and relaxation.”