Interior designers live, breathe, and bleed style, so it’s always exciting to show our latest collections to a small crowd and feel the heart rates rise and the energy start pumping around the room. So with that in mind, we recently showcased the disarmingly soft Noble Souls sofa collection, along with some exciting innovations and unique materials from the 2018 Collection, to a group of interior designers in the style-savvy city of Amsterdam.

Timothy Oulton’s Amstelveenseweg gallery is a beautiful venue for hosting; a former 19th century church with a red brick façade and huge decorative windows, just down the road from the idyllic Vondelpark. We opened the doors to greet our group of 16 interior designers with a glass of cold champagne and a warm welcome, and invited guests to go forth and explore.

Excitement soon ensued with an interactive workshop, beginning with the journey of Timothy Oulton – a seed that was planted in Tim’s dad’s antiques shop, that then flowered into a passion for handcraftsmanship and authentic materials, and bloomed into the innovative collections created today. There were questions back and forth, there were guessing games (did you know there are 1300 studs hand-applied on a Westminster sofa?) and lots of sitting on sofas, standing on tables, and feeling all the different leathers painstakingly finished by hand (a few more quiz questions thrown in – what was new Tomahawk leather inspired by? Answer: rose petals.).

Talk then turned to the newest designs on the floor – the unique Rock Crystal range, handcrafted using the purest form of ancient quartz, and the new Ridge bookcase and Vestige table collection, made using century-old reclaimed timber. The other big news was the Noble Souls collection, launched at the recent Milan Furniture Fair, and featuring the world’s first sofas made using natural linens, feathers, and vegetable dyes. Guests experienced the “whuush” effect as they sank into the Noble Souls Nest, Oasis and Realm sofas – a blissful feeling of relaxation where the shoulders drop, the neck softens, and the senses take over (bonus round: How are the linens dyed? Answer: By hand using ancient techniques).

As wine was sipped and cheese platters enjoyed, conversation steered to the group’s individual projects. Timothy Oulton’s full spectrum of styles and finishes allows interior designers to have an eclectic resource to pull from, and many of the group were already enrolled in the Trade Professionals Program, which offers exclusive benefits and end to end support on every project.

It had been a cosy and intimate evening, and with Timothy Oulton committed to forging closer relationships with interior designers, it had been a pleasure to get to know our Dutch friends a little better.

Discover more about the Trade Professionals Program here or contact your local gallery.