Great Night In




An elegant and intimate evening, relaxed and comfortable
A few fun rounds of light-hearted competition
For all those spontaneous moments in life
Hosting a big shindig for friends and family

What’s the secret to a great night in? A sense of frisson, of impulse and possibility…the surprising reveal of what will come next. With this in mind, Timothy Oulton, British interiors company and masters of a great night in, launch a range of exciting designs inspired by the speakeasy; those clandestine establishments of 1920s America that welcomed those in the know to enjoy an illegal tipple and some (mostly) harmless fun.

Entered via anonymous doorways and secret stairwells, the speakeasy was a place mentioned in hushed voices, an exotic taboo, somewhere to let down your guard and enjoy a stimulating bit of atmosphere. Timothy Oulton’s new speakeasy-inspired collection is all about having people over, enjoying a drink and letting go, opening up. That ever so slightly defiant streak that insists on having a good time; starting a little earlier, and going on a little later.

During Prohibition, speakeasies were established under an air of secrecy, delivering the thrill of anticipation of what may be revealed inside. It is this element of surprise which often characterises the Timothy Oulton experience.

The sensorial new Hudson collection brings that provocative sense of the unexpected to life, featuring an array of distinctive cabinetry comprised of bar cabinets, sideboards, and tables. Understated design adds to its stealth, but its rich textured surface cloaked in a dark patchwork of Fury leather panels, hints at something special within.

Once opened, Hudson reveals a myriad of compartments, each one designed to carry the necessary stocks of drinks, ingredients and accoutrements needed to shake up a storm…

Each piece in the collection carries its own secret, a promise of the unexpected, making it possible for a great night in whatever the setting or occasion.