– Armchairs –

Cabana Yeti

Inspired by relaxed outdoor lounging, the generously proportioned Cabana chair is clad in a choice of premium finishes, offset by rustic Weathered Oak legs.

– Armchairs –

Mars Chair MK4

Art Deco lines are catapulted to a new frontier with the Mars MK4, a red-blooded reinvention of the iconic Mars Chair.


  • Armchair - Old Saddle Black leather With Shiny Steel

    Mars Chair MK3

  • Armchair in Destroyed Raw Leather & Spitfire

    Aviator Tomcat Chair

  • Ardingley armchair

    Ardingley armchair

  • Saddle chair shown in Matador Nuez with Brown & White Moo

    Saddle Chair

  • Branco chair shown in Old Saddle Nut leather

    Branco Chair

  • Armchair shown in Destroyed leather Raw&Spitfire

    Professor Spitfire Chair

  • Scirocco chair shown in Savage leather

    Scirocco Chair

  • Mad Professor chair shown in Scarecrow Black & 2 Face leather

    Mad Professor Chair

  • Manor armchair shown in Heritage Carriag

    Manor Chair

  • Bilbao Chaise shown in Black & White Moo leather

    Bilbao Chaise Longue

  • Wild Armchair - Sheepskin

    Wild Chair

  • Big Horn armchair shown in Vintage Cigar leather

    Big Horn

  • Calcula armchair shown in Heritage Carriage leather

    Calcula Armchair

  • Cannes armchair shown in Graphite Vintage Moleskin

    Cannes Armchair

  • Professor Chair

    Professor Chair

  • Scholar armchair shown in Old Saddle Cocoa leather

    Scholar Chair

  • Bastille Armchair shown in Pixel Black leather

    Bastille Armchair

  • Cave chair

    Cave Chair

  • Furious Professor armchair

    Furious Professor Armchair

  • Mars MK4 armchair shown in Cherokee Black

    Mars Chair MK4