– Sconce –


The perfect mood lighting for relaxation, the organic inspired Crescent sconce is hallmarked by its simplicity of design and earthy materials.

– Sconces –


Inspired by the world of writer Jules Verne and his sci-fi masterpiece Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The Iris mimics the portholes of the submarine Nautilus, crafted by hand from iron and crystal.


  • Crescent Sconce

    Crescent Sconce

  • Rod Sconce

    Rod Sconce

  • Atom Sconce

    Atom Sconce

  • Crossglass Sconce

    Crossglass Sconce

  • Crystal Sconce

    Crystal Sconce

  • Gyro Sconce

    Gyro Sconce

  • Gyro Crystal Sconce

    Gyro Crystal Sconce

  • Iris Sconce

    Iris Sconce

  • Sophie Pendant

    Sophie Sconce

  • Zig Zag Sconce

    Zig Zag Sconce