In 1935, Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen realized that general relativity allowed for the existence of “bridges”; cosmic shortcuts through the fabric of space and time. Inspired by the Einstein-Rosen bridge, or ‘wormhole’ as it became known, the Rosenbridge light celebrates interwoven cosmic frontiers.

Glass rods are held between rings of shiny steel, bouncing and refracting the light from a central glowing orb. Inner rings can pivot to your desired position, creating your own path through space. Rosen Bridge pendant is available in either cool or warm white LED lights and the frame in Chrome or Natural metal finish.

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Sizes & Measurements
Medium 5 Ring Chandelier
L: 45.3" / 115 CM
W: 3.1" / 8 CM
H: 48" / 122 CM
Small 3 Ring Chandelier
L: 30.7" / 78 CM
W: 3.1" / 8 CM
H: 32.7" / 83 CM
Chrome Rosen Bridge +
Natural Rosen Bridge +

Chrome Rosen Bridge X


Natural Rosen Bridge X

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Rosen Bridge Pendant

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