Caring for Textiles

Timothy Oulton textiles include a wide palette of upholstery, rugs, cushions and curtains.

From the sumptuous glamour of velvet to the relaxed feel of cool, fresh linen to our signature distressed Union Jack denim, Timothy Oulton textiles offer a luxurious and tactile experience, exquisitely crafted and beautiful to the touch.


Vintage Moleskin Navy +
Vintage Moleskin Duck +
Vintage Moleskin Fog +
Vintage Moleskin Graphite +
Vintage Moleskin Mole +
Siren Dusk +
Siren Rose +
Faded & Degraded Persia in Decline +
Faded & Degraded Peeling Ceiling +
Faded & Degraded Peat Smudge +
Faded & Degraded Melting Paisley +
Scuff Linen Blanc +
Scuff Linen Bone +
Scuff Linen Gorse +
Scuff Linen Indigo +
Scuff Linen Night +
Whispy Linen Black +
Whispy Linen Grey +
Whispy Linen +
Whispy Linen Stone +
Whispy Linen White +