The Brigadier

The Brigadier

The most popular bed of the Perpetual collection, the Brigadier is designed for today’s deep divers, high climbers, dream chasers and highflyers who each day strike out to change the world … again.
Painstakingly handcrafted using the world’s finest materials to ensure that every day the artist in all of us is fully relaxed, radiating energy and ready to pursue the next dream.

The Brigadier mattress, 32 cm - 12½ ” thick, has two full layers of individual calico pocket Energy springs and is extravagantly upholstered with New Zealand wool, 100% long stranded cotton and, as in all of the Perpetual beds, the finest Mongolian horsehair.

The Brigadier divan is, like the divan of the General, constructed from solid birch and has two layers of individual calico pocketed Energy springs and a richly upholstered top surface of New Zealand wool, long stranded cotton and Mongolian horsehair. To add that little extra plushness to the Brigadier we recommend the All In top mattress (12 cm 4¾” thick) featuring a premium blend of Mongolian horsehair, New Zealand wool and long stranded cotton. Your nights will never be the same.


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