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Fun Formal

- Fun Formal -

Thought-out details, enjoy playing with traditions

Making guests feel special, a modern kind of formal (not too much), an elevated welcome, but still relaxed around the edges.

Glacier Dining Table

Like a primeval volcanic eruption frozen in time, Glacier spectacularly freezes logs of burnt timber in Crystalline Acrylic. Perfect for storytelling around the table.

Airfoil Dining Table

The Airfoil dining table hovers over the ground, a perfect platform for high spirited meals and conversation.

Junction Dining Table

A perfect table to gather friends and enjoy the pleasures of a beautiful meal, the Junction dining table is a place of meeting. The richness of the cool marble contrasted with the strong rustic timber legs creates a stunning combination.

- The Menu -

Formal, Festive, Fun

Anchor the menu with a classic dish (a nod to tradition), and add something imaginative (and just slightly fussy) to start. People will like the familiarity, but also appreciate the effort. Great fresh ingredients. Accompany with classic drinks: an aperitif of champagne or a cocktail, a good bottle of wine, and a port.



Crab, avocado and prawn cocktail, baby gem lettuce, pickled cucumbers and radishes served with a spicy tomato and herb sauce


Roast pasture fed chicken breast, wild mushroom duxelle, potato baked with fresh cream, garlic and herbs, with buttered sugar snap peas and mange tout


Vanilla and white chocolate pavlova with soft chewy meringue, elderberries and blackcurrants with a wild red berry sauce

Mimi Dining Chair

A beloved best-seller, the Mimi is a reinvention of a classic 1940s French dining chair with brass stud detailing and tapered wooden legs. This luxurious, classic style has a gently flared back and padded seat for comfort so you can chat for hours over dinner with friends.

Sparrow Dining Chair

Named after the noisy and gregarious British bird, the Sparrow sits invitingly at the dinner table, supporting the arc of lively conversation. Wrapped head to toe in soft Scarecrow leather.

Swallow Dining Chair

Outfitted top to bottom in distressed Scarecrow leather, the Swallow dining chair gives a modern take on being ‘dressed for dinner’. The leather is hand buffed without protection to achieve an incredibly soft hand-feel.

- The Playlist -

Classic tunes with soul, that make people smile.

A kind of reinvention: blend some classic tunes, the ones that make people smile, and mix them with the occasional offbeat indie selection that surprises people. Make sure it’s not too heavy or aggressive, but keep it interesting.

“I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints - the sinners are much more fun.”

Billy Joel

Iris Pendant

Inspired by the world of writer Jules Verne and his sci-fi masterpiece Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The Iris mimics the portholes of the submarine Nautilus, crafted by hand from iron and crystal.

Phylum Pendant

The shape of the Phylum pendant emulates the idea of a water droplet suspended in ice or a tear drop falling, capturing a frozen moment in time. This distinctive form is achieved with traditional glass-blowing techniques using molten glass.

Gradient Chandelier

Handcrafted by our skilled artisans, the idea of a cathedral dome inside a sea of crystals is manifested in the Gradient chandelier. Multiple layers offer an almost infinite dome of lights.

- The Expert’s Tip -


Welcome guests with a fresh, light highball: 40ml Fords London gin, 20ml Dandelion & Burdock cordial, 15ml lime juice, blueberries and arugula leaves. Build up in a highball glass, top with soda and garnish with blueberries.

- Dinner with -

The Style Makers

Dani Monti-Morren and Raoul Morren make up design duo Monti Morren Creative. They travel the world styling beautiful interiors, injecting wow into events, curating a range of artwork.



"A memorable night". Be ready with hors d'oeuvres and a glass of their selected poison (champagne always as a backup). Dress well – set the tone to welcome them into your home. "It’s their home for the evening".


A huge farm table dressed with flowers. Tons of candles, vintage flatware, beautiful glasses, linen napkins.


We talk, drink homemade limoncello, smoke, connect, reminisce and plan, dance, sing – drink some more…

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